Thank you for your time to view this website.  I created this website to ask for help in my struggle with Huntington National Bank (HNB).  If you read this and wish to help, please contact any of the HNB employees I list below or anyone at any HNB branch.  I don’t have the time or resources to fight HNB legally so I’m hoping to convince HNB to behave better.


For now, I’ll skip over the last two years and get to the latest horrible thing HNB did.  HNB accused me of “designing” my father’s terminal cancer as a “delaying tactic” and refused 4 different times to delay our hearing so that I could focus on my father and family. 


We had a hearing set for December 6 and on November 22nd, I emailed HNB and HNB’s attorney, Jason Burke of Blackwell, Burke, & Ramsey, P.C. and explained that my father had just been diagnosed with liver cancer and asked if HNB would agree to delaying the hearing.  HNB refused to agree to a delay.  On November 27th I filed a motion with the court to ask for a delay and the next day HNB filed an objection statingHuntington believes it is just a delay tactic designed to avoid the inevitable sale of Barker’s residence”.  I filed additional motions asking for a delay on November 29 and on December 4 and HNB filed objections to the delay each time.  Very sadly, my father’s cancer was very aggressive and he was diagnosed with liver cancer on November 13 and lost his battle on December 2.  I had to attend the hearing that HNB wouldn’t postpone the day before my Dad’s viewing and 2 days before his funeral.  To top if off, HNB’s attorney, Jason Burke, actually tried to shake my hand and tell me he was “sorry for my loss” after he accused me of designing my Dad’s cancer as a delay tactic and HNB is forcing me to pay the fees of their attorney, the same man who wouldn’t allow me to postpone the hearing.


I’m sure you are in disbelief that a bank could be so heartless to anyone let alone to a customer of 20 years and as I write this, it sounds impossible even to me.  If you want to verify anything that I have written, you can go to and use case number 29c012204mf002674, you will see the public record of my case and you can verify the objections of HNB


If you feel motivated to help me, you can do so by posting my story or WS to your social media to draw more attention to my struggle with HNB.  In my opinion, HNB should never have started any of this mess and certainly shouldn’t ask me to pay the fees of an attorney who has nearly ruined my life for the last two years.  Here are two good contacts at HNB.  I don’t know their emails for sure but they are on Linkedin and the email format for HNB is usually firstname.lastname.


Maureen Brown – Director of Public Relations

Chelcee Stearns-Reisner - Vice President, Communications, Associate Director-Crisis Management


If you want to contact me, my gmail address is bruce.barker.ise